Global Cash Card Activate – Step By Step Process

How To Activate Your Global Cash Card

The global cash card (GCC) is one of the most preferred payroll cards in the USA. Apart from payroll, it is also issued to contractors. The name itself says you can use this card all over this globe. It comes under the VISA and Master Card type. No matter, both of them have equal benefits for the cardholders to use them at a point of sale (POS), receive cash at banks and for making online payments. Global cash cards activate online or offline are possible. Here we have discussed how to activate your global cash card in simple language.

global cash card activate number

Card Activation Online

When you receive your global cash card from your employer, you can activate them instantly on the same day online. You must have internet access on a laptop or your mobile phone. You can activate your global cash card online by following the below-mentioned steps.

First, have your global cash card on your hand for entering its credentials.

Next, visit global cash card activate website 

Next, you have to enter a few details after clicking ‘YES’ where it is mentioned do you have a card with us.

  • Enter your 16-digits of your GCC Number.
  • Select your GCC expiration date by the month and year.
  • Authenticate by clicking the box of I am not a robot.
  • Now, press the continue button to get activated of your GCC.

Your GCC is now active. You can crosscheck this with calling GCC customer care number 1-888-220-4477. You must do this even after getting successful confirmation online or got an error page while to activate GCC online. Yet, the GCC holders can avail 24-hours access to GCC online and activate their new card anytime. It will be easier to check your account details online from anywhere anytime. You can also use the GCC App if you have an Android handset.

The GCC cardholder must activate their global cash card through the GCC online activation portal only. It hardly takes a few minutes to activate your GCC. You must not try with any third-party or any scam websites offering GCC online activation from their sites. After activation, you can withdraw cash from ATM, authorized banks, purchase online and pay bills online.

Activation Offline

If you do not have access to the internet or any internet-enabled devices, you can active GCC over a phone call. The GCC holder can follow the below-mentioned steps.

First, make a call to global cash card activate phone number 1-866-395-9200 from your registered mobile number with GCC. You must have your GCC on your hand too.

The automated voice will ask for the below-mentioned credentials of your GCC.

  • GCC number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Your Full Name

You will get an automated confirmation of our GCC activation over the phone itself.

You must cross-check with the GCC contact center by calling over phone number 1-888-220-4477 and confirm your GCC is in an active stage or not. This will make sure to do cash withdrawal at ATM and buy at POS.

However, you must call this phone number only 1-888-220-4477. The GCC customer contact number is available for its customers 24/7. A new GCC holder can activate their card over the phone 24-hours. You must not give your GCC credentials to any other phone numbers, which says you can active GCC over the phone from this number.

Global Cash Card Online Account

After receiving your global cash card from your employer, you can register online and check your GCC account. For this, you have to log in and get a username and password. You can also activate your GCC online your GCC account. However, you must do this before the activation of your GCC.

Lost your global cash card, what next?

In case, you lost your GCC, you must call 1-949-751-0360 and block your card. This is for the new GCC and for the existing global cash card holder too. You will get a replacement card soon too.

The global cash card has international validity. It also has a tie-up with selected banks. This kind of features and privileges make this card a most trusted way to pay wages. The GCC use the secure and trusted web-enabled platform. The GCC holders can avail their reward points, discounts, and offers. This is why it is a preferred financial product with employers across the USA.

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