How Much Does It Cost To Send A Parcel To Saudi Arabia?

How much does it cost to send a package to Saudi Arabia?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Saudi ArabiaWeight not over (lbs.)Parcel Post Rate1$16.75219.50322.65425.3021 more rows.

How do I send a package to Saudi Arabia?

We send the packages to Saudi Arabia using carriers such as USPS, DHL, FedEx or Planet Mail. The delivery usually takes 3–4 days with express methods and 5 to 10 days with cheaper, economy methods.

Can I send medicine to Saudi Arabia?

It is illegal to import drugs or medical materials that are band in Saudi Arabia or internationally; … Request to import prescription drugs must be filed with the branch of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority at the port of entry to which the drugs will arrive.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to China?

TrakPak offers the cheapest way to send a parcel to China, with a delivery time of 8-11 working days. This service includes basic tracking and uses the local postal system in China to make the final delivery.

Does USPS ship to Saudi Arabia?

All Priority Mail Express International shipments to Saudi Arabia should include complete addresses, in addition to post office box numbers, and the telephone number of the addressee.

How much would it cost to send a package to China?

To ship from the US to Hong Kong with the cheapest USPS service that has delivery confirmation (priority international) it will cost $34.87.

Does Best Buy ship to Saudi Arabia?

Best Buy does not have any stores in Saudi Arabia. You may be able to place an International Orders for shipping to a US mailing address or for in-store pickup at a US Best Buy store if that is a possibility for you. You can find more details on International Orders here.

Can you send food to Saudi Arabia?

Can I send food to Saudi Arabia? You can send food to Saudi Arabia as long as you follow the simple rules of shipping food. Homemade or perishable foods are not allowed; the food you ship must be store bought and in the original packaging.

How much does it cost to send a package from Philippines to Saudi Arabia?

Courier Charges from Philippines to Saudi ArabiaWeight (KG)Express ChargesEconomy Charges1 Kg₹ 949₹ 4732 Kg₹ 1896₹ 9463 Kg₹ 2842₹ 18925 Kg₹ 3794₹ 28433 more rows

What is not allowed in Saudi Arabia?

All Pornographic material such as books, DVD’s, magazines etc. *Women’s Fashion magazines with images of models in revealing clothing might be confiscated. Politically sensitive material. Articles and books contrary to Muslim or Saudi Arabian beliefs or morality will not be allowed into the country.

What is the best way to send a package to China?

The cheapest way to ship to China from the US is via a tracked mail service, like DHL eCommerce or EMS Parcel Post. These services use a local carrier, such as FedEx or USPS, to handle the US domestic leg of the journey and the local postal service in China to make the final delivery.

Can you bring a Bible to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country in which Islamic law is strictly enforced. … However, the Saudi authorities accept the private practice of religions other than Islam, and you can bring a religious text into the country as long as it is for your personal use.

What is cheapest way to ship internationally?

To conclude, the cheapest way to ship internationally is: USPS. Their international shipping rates are cheaper than UPS and FedEx. Using UPS and FedEx to ship internationally without a business account can be really costly, with rates almost being 3x higher than USPS.

How do I schedule a DHL pickup?

If you are a Preferred Shipping customer, you have a few options to schedule a pick-up:Schedule your pickup in PSCSHIP when creating your shipment.Use DHL’s website to schedule a pick up.Call the International Help Desk.Call your local shipping expert.

Does DHL ship to Saudi Arabia?

DHL is well known as the global delivery expert and we offer a selection of their delivery services to Saudi Arabia for customers shipping packages from the US. … DHL Express – picked up from your home or work by DHL and shipped directly using their network to the recipient in Saudi Arabia.

Does UPS ship to Saudi Arabia?

International Shipping Services | UPS – Saudi Arabia.

Can I ship baby formula to China?

While you can ship baby formula to private persons in China, the quantity is limited to six cans (each can max 900 gram) for personal use. To do this, you must register as an exporter with the Chinese authorities.

How do I get a DHL parcel?

You can pick up your shipment quickly and easily – you just enter the PIN code we send you via SMS, and your phone number. After the PIN code has been entered the door of the locker containing your parcel will open and you can collect the shipment.