Question: What IPC 338?

What IPC 279?

What is Section 279 IPC.

As per Section 279 of the Indian Penal Code, individuals driving or riding a vehicle on any public ways in a rash or negligent manner that endangers human life or is most likely to injure other people will be punished by law..

What IPC 304?

Indian Kanoon – IPC Section 304 punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder – LawRato – YouTube.

What IPC 271?

Section 271 provides that whoever knowingly disobeys any rule made and promogulated by the Government putting up any vessel into state of quarantine or for regulating the intercourse of vessel in the state of quarantine with the shore or with the vessel or for regulating the intercourse between places where the …

Is IPC 279 cognizable?

The offence punishable under section 279 of IPC is cognizable offence where the police has a right to arrest a person of an offence without a warrant, but such offences are bailable in nature and is triable by the Magistrate who is having the authority over the area wherein such offence has been committed.

What is accident in IPC?

Accident under section 80 under the Indian Penal Code falls under the chapter of general exceptions. … “Accident”, a word which is used in everyday life to indicate a course of events over which a person had no control over and which could not be avoided despite due diligence and care.

Is IPC 338 bailable?

This section is Bailable, Cognizable and Compoundable.