Question: What Is Another Word For Adamant?

What is another word for bliss?

In this page you can discover 50 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bliss, like: blissful, beatific, delightful, beatified, gladness, joy, unhappiness, enchanted, beatitude, glory and happiness..

How do you use adamant?

Adamant sentence examplesHe became adamant on this point. … The doctors had been absolutely adamant that she wasn’t going to get better. … John seemed pretty adamant he wasn’t in love with her, proclaiming it loudly to anyone who would listen. … She was adamant that people should know what they are consuming.More items…

What is a synonym for adamant?

In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for adamant, like: set, intransigent, firm, resolute, stubborn, unyielding, unrelenting, unlimber, See syn. study at, fixed and inflexible.

Is adamant a positive word?

The word adamant can bear a negative or positive connotation. It depends on the point of view. For instance, if I am adamant to get something done in two hours, — from a point of view is positive — the person who has to do it on the other side may be resentful that I am demanding and have such a strict deadline.

Is Stubborn a good trait?

Stubborn people are not always strong-headed in their effort to control others, but in their knowingness of what is better for them or the situation. Unless it’s a pure act to rebel or hurt the other person, doing what you know is best for yourself isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be a very healthy act.

What do you call someone who doesnt listen?

“Stubborn” or “ignorant” are sub-par. Both refer more to what a person is, and less to the scenario: people talking, them not listening. Maybe “dense” fits this category, too. If you want to go mild, you might say “inattentive,” “indifferent,” “unconcerned,” – but who needs euphemisms?

What does stubborn mean in English?

adjective. refusing to comply, agree, or give in; obstinate. difficult to handle, treat, or overcome. persistent and doggeda stubborn crusade.

What does adamant mean?

The Meaning and History of Adamant A person who is adamant about something has formed an opinion or taken a position that is not going to change because the person is determined to keep that opinion or position. … The noun adamant comes from a Latin word meaning “material of extreme hardness, diamond.”

What is the antonym of stubborn?

Stubborn is the opposite of flexible. The Middle English version of stubborn carried the sense of “untamable, implacable,” and there’s still a hint of that in how it is used today. A stubborn person holds on to a view or an attitude, refusing to change — to the point of being unreasonable.

Is strong willed and stubborn the same thing?

The difference between being stubborn and strong willed is this – being stubborn is often a short-sighted, immature and self defeating behavior, while being strong willed generally deals with the need to be strong and succeed, not giving up on what you believe in.

What does Addiment mean?

If you stubbornly refuse to change your mind about something, you are adamant about it. This word’s story begins in ancient Greece, where philosophers spoke about a legendary unbreakable stone or metal they called adamas (literally, “invincible”).

What is the opposite of adamant?

Opposite of having or displaying resolve. irresolute. weak-willed. cautious. feeble.

What is a stubborn person called?

When a person is inexorable, they’re stubborn. When a thing or process is inexorable, it can’t be stopped. This is a word for people and things that will not change direction. An inexorable person is hard-headed and cannot be convinced to change their mind, no matter what.

Is Adamancy a word?

ad·a·mant. adj. Not willing to change one’s opinion, purpose, or principles; unyielding.

What is a nice word for stubborn?

What is another word for stubborn?obstinateheadstrongtenaciousunflinchingunshakablecontumacioushardenedinconvincibleintractabletough230 more rows

What do you call a person that never admits they’re wrong?

The definition of infallible is someone or something that is always perfect and right, without any errors or mistakes. An example of infallible are the decisions of God.

What do you call a person who doesn’t like to socialize?

Introverts are often accused of being “reclusive” or “antisocial.” But for many of us, that’s far from reality. Just like extroverts, we need close relationships to thrive. We simply go about socializing differently — and just because something’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong or inferior.

What is the opposite of oral?

using speech rather than writing. “an oral tradition”; “an oral agreement” Antonyms: anal, anal retentive, written, aboral.