Question: What Is Another Word For Scorched?

Is burned a word?

‘Burned’ is the usual past tense of ‘burn’, but ‘burnt’ is common in many contexts when the past participle is used as an adjective (“burnt toast”).

Both are acceptable forms..

What’s the difference between a meltdown and a breakdown?

Meltdown is less extreme and you know it’s temporary and can be mitigated somewhat eg hiding away and crying on your own not in front of others. With a nervous breakdown no control its like all the walls have closed in and you are petrified for days or weeks not just a half hour or so.

What is another word for burnt?

•burned (adjective) seared, parched, Singed, Scalded.

What is another word for meltdown?

Hyponym for Meltdown: calamity, catastrophe, disaster, tragedy, cataclysm.

What does burnt mean in slang?

Slang terms with the same root wordsOther terms relating to ‘burnt’:burnt outDefinitions include: a feeling of tiredness, during which nothing else matters, and one just wants to relax.burnt toastDefinitions include: black people.hella burntDefinitions include: anything bad, misleading, unfortunate, or tiresome.1 more row

What does ignite mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to set afire also : kindle. b : to cause (a fuel) to burn. 2 : to subject to fire or intense heat especially : to render luminous by heat.

What is the meaning of Smoulder?

1a : to burn sluggishly, without flame, and often with much smoke. b : to be consumed by smoldering —often used with out. 2 : to exist in a state of suppressed activity hostilities smoldered for years. 3 : to show suppressed anger, hate, or jealousy eyes smoldering with hate.

What is the synonym of scorched?

scorched(adj) having everything destroyed so nothing is left salvageable by an enemy. “Sherman’s scorched earth policy” Synonyms: baked, sunbaked, adust, parched.

What does you burnt out mean?

Being burned out means feeling empty and mentally exhausted, devoid of motivation, and beyond caring. People experiencing burnout often don’t see any hope of positive change in their situations. If excessive stress feels like you’re drowning in responsibilities, burnout is a sense of being all dried up.

What a meltdown feels like?

They can even trigger a meltdown. For me, a meltdown feels like my body is trying to escape the chaos inside my mind. I fidget, cry and shout to distract myself from louder, internal noises. Meltdowns usually affect my body and mind.

What is the difference between burnt and burned?

Burnt is an adjective. In American English, that’s all it usually aspires to be. Burned is the past tense of burn. If you use burnt as a past tense verb in the United States, you will be in danger of criticism.

What is an emotional meltdown?

Meltdowns are emotional outbursts that happen when children (or adults) are overwhelmed by feelings and they come out in inappropriate ways. … Meltdowns happen even though children really are doing the best they can to behave in the situation. They just do not have the ability to behave better when upset or under stress.

What does parched mean?

to make extremely, excessively, or completely dry, as heat, sun, and wind do. to make dry, hot, or thirsty: Walking in the sun parched his throat. to dry (peas, beans, grain, etc.) by exposure to heat without burning; to toast or roast slightly: A staple of the Indian diet was parched corn.

What is the meaning of burnt up?

: to be destroyed or cause (something) to be destroyed by fire Most asteroids burn up upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Wildfires have been raging across the region burning up acres of forest.