Question: What Is KeyCite In Westlaw?

What does KeyCite red flag mean?

KeyCite® is the citator in Westlaw.

When you pull up a statute in Westlaw, if you see a red or yellow flag, that means that there is negative treatment for that statute.

A red flag indicates that the statute has been amended, repealed, superseded, or held unconstitutional in whole or in part..

What does KeyCite mean?

What are KeyCite status flags — and what do they mean? When reviewing a case in Westlaw Edge, you should look for a KeyCite flag at the top of the document. … A blue-striped flag warns that the case has been appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals or the U.S. Supreme Court (excluding appeals originating from agencies).

Does Westlaw cite for you?

Westlaw Next provides a citation generator for nearly all the legal documents in its databases. Simply highlight the text you intend to cite and select “Copy with Reference” from the drop-down menu: … Note the difference in citation format when you select “Florida” as the citation style.

Why is it important to Shepardize a case?

Shepardizing cases (as well as statutes and other legal authorities) is important because a citation must be reliable. Lawyers and judges rely on previously decided cases to support their arguments or opinions. If the case cited is no longer good law, reliance on the case is faulty.

What does Shepardize mean?

The verb Shepardizing refers to the process of consulting Shepard’s to see if a case has been overturned, reaffirmed, questioned, or cited by later cases.

What is considered bad law?

Bad law, or a bad law, or bad laws may refer to: A law that is oppressive. … A proposition of law that is erroneous; an attempted statement of the law that is inaccurate; non-law.

What does depth mean on Westlaw?

Under the negative treatment tab, you can see other cases that have talked about your case in a negative way. The Depth column on the right side shows the how detailed your case was talked about. Only one bar means the case was cited but not talked about in detail.

What does a red flag on KeyCite or a red stop sign on Shepard’s mean?

KeyCite & Shepards Symbols The red Shepard’s Signal™ indicator indicates that citing references in the Shepard’s® Citations Service contain strong negative history or treatment of your case (for example, overruled by or reversed).

What does it mean to Shepardize a case on Westlaw?

The term Shepardize means the process of checking a case’s prior precedents. … The use of KeyCite on Westlaw is the equivalent to Shepardizing a citation using Shepard’s on Lexis. By using KeyCite, you can easily determine if your case is still “good law.”

What does it mean if a case is abrogated?

In contract and insurance law, it is to rescind or terminate a contract. In constitutional law, the abrogation doctrine refers to the power of Congress to revoke a state’s sovereign immunity and authorize suits against that state. government.

How do you Shepardize a case in Westlaw?

Shepardize a Case: WestlawFind a case; go to the full text of case.Look in the left-hand area of the screen for KeyCite.Top of screen should have a brief note that states if the case is overruled, superseded, etc.Click tab for Negative Treatment (to see if still good law).More items…•

What does it mean to cite check?

Cite checking involves reviewing and verifying the accuracy and completeness of all citations contained in a legal brief or memorandum. It typically has two elements: 1) verifying citations to the case law, statutes and other authorities contained in the memorandum; and 2) verifying citations to the record.

Why would you use KeyCite history?

Use KeyCite® on Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge™ to instantly verify whether a case, statute, regulation, or administrative decision is still good law, or whether a patent or trademark is still valid. KeyCite can also be leveraged to find citing references to support your legal argument.

KeyCite sits on top of the research pyramid. After you find a case that is authoritative for your issue, use KeyCite to see if it is good law. A KeyCite status flag (a red or yellow flag, a blue H , or a green C) indicates that information for the case is available in KeyCite.