Question: What Is The 23rd Amendment For Kids?

What does the 23rd Amendment mean in simple terms?

The 23rd amendment gives residents of Washington DC the right to vote for representatives in the Electoral College.

The 23rd amendment passed Congress in June of 1960 and reached the ¾ approval threshold less than a year later, on March 23, 1961..

What is the subject of the 23rd Amendment?

The Twenty-third Amendment (Amendment XXIII) to the United States Constitution extends the right to vote in presidential elections to citizens residing in the District of Columbia.

What are the amendments to the Constitution simplified?

Terms in this set (27)Amendment 1. Freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition.Amendment 2. Right to bear arms.Amendment 3. Citizens do not have to house soldiers.Amendment 4. No unreasonable search or arrest.Amendment 5. … Amendment 6. … Amendment 7. … Amendment 8.More items…

Did the twenty third amendment face opposition?

The proposed amendment encountered significant opposition. Rural states objected that the intensely urban District differed radically from all the other states.

Why was the twenty third amendment passed?

Passed by Congress on June 17, 1960, and ratified by the states on March 29, 1961, Amendment XXIII treats the District of Columbia as if it were a state for purposes of the Electoral College, thereby giving residents of the District the right to have their votes counted in presidential elections.

How does the 26th Amendment affect us today?

Forty years ago, the 26th Amendment to the United States Constitution took effect, lowering the universal voting age in America from 21 years to 18 years. … Today, young adults across America continue to exercise this enormous responsibility of citizenship.

What is the purpose of the 23rd Amendment?

The Amendment allows American citizens residing in the District of Columbia to vote for presidential electors, who in turn vote in the Electoral College for President and Vice President.

When did DC residents get the right to vote?

Flag of the District of Columbia, CC0. It took another constitutional amendment, the 23rd Amendment ratified in 1961, for District of Columbia residents to win the right to vote for President and Vice President.

How many amends are there?

27 amendmentsThe US Constitution has 27 amendments that protect the rights of Americans.