Question: What Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Do Every Day?

What is the strongest poison?

Botulinum toxin1.

Botulinum toxin.

Scientists differ about the relative toxicities of substances, but they seem to agree that botulinum toxin, produced by anaerobic bacteria, is the most toxic substance known.

Its LD50 is tiny – at most 1 nanogram per kilogram can kill a human..

What is the hazard in bedroom?

The most common bedroom safety hazards are furniture since bedrooms tend to have a lot of furniture for a small space. Additionally, as we get older, the need to go to the bathroom during the night increases which also increases the risk of falls.

What is the most dangerous thing you can do?

The 9 Most Dangerous Things You’re Doing of 10. You know texting and driving is dangerous, but fiddling with your phone while walking could be just as bad. … of 10. Fixing Appliances. … of 10. Lighting Fireworks. … of 10. Boozing Near a Body of Water. … of 10. Hanging Your Own TV. … of 10. Working with Jerks. … of 10. … of 10.More items…•

What is the most dangerous thing that many people do each day?

The most dangerous activity: driving | The Seattle Times.

What is the most dangerous thing in your home?

The 5 Most Dangerous Things in Your HomeStairs. Over a million people (mostly children and the elderly) visit emergency rooms each year after injuries sustained by falling on stairs. … Bathtubs. When you’re looking at injuries and death in children, bathtubs are absolutely the most dangerous thing inside your home. … Pools. … Prescription Pills. … The Floor.

What is the most dangerous thing in life?

The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World—And Where to Find ThemTsetse Fly.Saltwater Crocodile. … Black Mamba. … Pufferfish. … 7. Box Jellyfish. … Golden Poison Dart Frog. … Cone Snail. … Cape Buffalo. … More items…•