Question: What Is The Opposite Of Lava?

What is the opposite of technically?

Opposite of adverb for involving or concerned with applied and industrial sciences.




What does implode mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to burst inward a blow causing a vacuum tube to implode. b : to undergo violent compression massive stars which implode. 2 : to collapse inward as if from external pressure also : to become greatly reduced as if from collapsing.

Can lava kill you?

Lava won’t kill you if it briefly touches you. You would get a nasty burn, but unless you fell in and couldn’t get out, you wouldn’t die. … People have been killed by very fast moving lava flows. A recent example was the 1977 eruption at Nyiragongo.

Can you walk in lava?

As long as you can bear the heat, it means lava is strong enough for you to walk on it. If your shoes start taking fire, just move away!

What is the opposite of magma?

Noun. Opposite of the molten matter within the earth, the source of the material of lava flows, dikes of eruptive rocks, etc. glacier.

What are the three main types of magma?

There are three basic types of magma: basaltic, andesitic, and rhyolitic, each of which has a different mineral composition.

How overdue is Yellowstone eruption?

Yellowstone is not overdue for an eruption. Volcanoes do not work in predictable ways and their eruptions do not follow predictable schedules. … In terms of large explosions, Yellowstone has experienced three at 2.08, 1.3, and 0.631 million years ago. This comes out to an average of about 725,000 years between eruptions.

What is the opposite of detonate?

detonate. Antonyms: smoulder, hang, puff. Synonyms: explode, pop.

Can lava melt iron?

Iron melts at about 1500 C. Ultramafic lavas can exceed this temperature, but in general, lava will be under 1200 C.

What are 4 types of lava?

The most common way to divide lava flows into distinct types is following: Pahoehoe lava flow, Aa lava flow, Blocky lava flow, and also Pillow lava flow. Sometimes Turbulent lava flow is also added, but the latter is only of theoretical interest to scientist because we will not see that type of lava flow in the nature.

Where is the safest place to be when a volcano erupts?

Avoid low-lying areas, areas downwind of the volcano, and river valleys downstream of the volcano. Debris and ash will be carried by wind and gravity. Stay in areas where you will not be further exposed to volcanic eruption hazards.

What is a synonym for Lava?

noun. ( ˈlɑːvə) Rock that in its molten form (as magma) issues from volcanos; lava is what magma is called when it reaches the surface. Synonyms. volcanic rock aa pillow lava pahoehoe.

What is usually a safe distance away from a volcano?

The safe distance from an active volcano is generally 5kms or more but you should check for the latest CDEM information. Beyond this distance the major hazards will be ashfall and volcanic gas. Breathing in small amounts of ash particles infrequently may only cause discomfort rather than pose a health hazard.

What is difference between magma and lava?

Scientists use the term magma for molten rock that is underground and lava for molten rock that breaks through the Earth’s surface.

What causes magma to rise?

Magma can rise when pieces of Earth’s crust called tectonic plates slowly move away from each other. … Magma also rises when these tectonic plates move toward each other. When this happens, part of Earth’s crust can be forced deep into its interior. The high heat and pressure cause the crust to melt and rise as magma.

What is the word for stopping a bomb?

defuse | American Dictionary If you defuse a bomb, you prevent it from exploding. (Definition of defuse from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is the meaning of defuse?

verb (used with object), de·fused, de·fus·ing. to remove the fuze from (a bomb, mine, etc.). to make less dangerous, tense, or embarrassing: to defuse a potentially ugly situation.

Can you drink lava?

You actually can drink lava. The problem is, you can only do it once. you’d burn your lips off before it goes down into your system. In the same sense that shoving chopsticks up your nose into your brain is “smelling” them, I guess pouring molten rock into your torso through your mouth is “drinking” it.