Question: What Type Of Word Is Blazing?

Is blazing a verb?

1 : to burn brightly A fire was blazing in the fireplace.

2 : to shine as if on fire Her eyes blazed with anger..

What is a blazing fire?

A blaze is a bright, strong flame. A raging fire is blazing and you can also say other types of shining, like with talent, are types of blazing. A fire is a blaze. Fire, when it’s going strong and burning bright, is blazing. The greater the blaze, the harder a fire is to put out.

What blazing means?

burning very brightly and intensely1 : burning very brightly and intensely a blazing fire. 2 : of outstanding power, speed, heat, or intensity blazing eyes a blazing fastball blazing gunfire.

What does blazing away mean?

1. blaze away – perform (an acting passage) brilliantly and rapidly; “Mr. Jones blazed away in one passage after another to loud applause” performing arts – arts or skills that require public performance.

What is a blaze in nature?

While those of us who don’t venture into the backcountry on a regular basis may know the term best in its figurative sense, in the wilderness, a blaze is a type of marking that establishes a trail for other hikers [source: Martin]. …

What is the origin of blazes?

Beginning in the 19th century, however, “blazes” began to be used to mean specifically “the fires of hell” and, by extension, things similarly intense and merciless. Thus were born such phrases as “like blazes” indicating great intensity or force (“The horse …

What type of word is keeps?

verb (used with object), kept, keep·ing. to hold or retain in one’s possession; hold as one’s own: If you like it, keep it. … to maintain in condition or order, as by care and labor: He keeps his car in good condition.

What does blaze mean sexually?

sexual intercourseto have sexual intercourse with someone. I’d blaze that. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

What type of verb is keep?

keep a promise: I have tried to keep my promise. keep your word: He promised the family, and I think he will keep his word….keep ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌present tensepast tensekeptpast participlekept3 more rows

What type of verb is should?

auxiliary verbShould is an auxiliary verb – a modal auxiliary verb. We use should mainly to: give advice or make recommendations. talk about obligation.

What type of verb is were?

linking verbsThe following verbs are true linking verbs: any form of the verb be (am, is, are, was, were, has been, are being, might have been, etc.), become, and seem. These true linking verbs are always linking verbs.

What does balze mean?

brilliant burst of fireA brilliant burst of fire; a flame. b. A destructive fire. 2. A bright or steady light or glare: the blaze of the desert sun.

What type of word is Blaze?

noun. a bright flame or fire: the welcome blaze of the hearth. a bright, hot gleam or glow: the blaze of day. a sparkling brightness: a blaze of jewels.

What does all guns blazing mean?

(also all guns blazing) If you do something, especially argue, with guns blazing, you do it with a lot of force and energy: I went into the meeting with guns blazing, determined not to let him win.

What is the meaning of blazing eyes?

verb [usually cont] If someone’s eyes are blazing with an emotion, or if an emotion is blazing in their eyes, their eyes look very bright because they are feeling that emotion so strongly. [literary] He got to his feet and his dark eyes were blazing with anger. [ VERB with noun]

What is the meaning of blazing sun?

1. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] Blazing sun or blazing hot weather is very hot. Quite a few people were eating outside in the blazing sun.

How do you spell blazing?

adjective. burning brightly and with great heat, force, etc. of tremendous intensity or fervor: a performance of blazing ferocity.