Quick Answer: How Do You Say Nicole In Hawaiian?

What does Leilani mean in Hawaiian?

Leilani means “royal child” or “heavenly flowers” (from Hawaiian “lei” = flowers/child + “lani” = sky/heaven/royal)..

What does Kiani mean in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Legal Land-Terms. [Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)] kiani. vt. To flick, flip, wave gently, as the hand overhead in a hula gesture; to wheel and dip, as a soaring bird; frisky.

What does Kehlani mean?

sea heavensA Polynesian name, Kehlani means sea heavens.

What does Sophia mean in Hawaiian?

Sophia = Kopi The Hawaiian language has a limited number of letters and Kopi is the phonetic translation of Sophia into Hawaiian.

What is Ashley in Hawaiian?

The name Ashley in Hawaiian is Akalei.

How do you say Chris in Hawaiian?

The name Chris in Hawaiian is Kilika. Kilika does not necessarily mean anything. The Hawaiian language has a limited number of letters and Kilika is the phonetic translation of Chris into Hawaiian.

What does LIA mean in Hawaiian?

1. Pas/imp. of kū 1; to stand, halt, etc. Kūlia i ke ākea, place before the public.

How do you say Henry in Hawaiian?

Henry = Henele The Hawaiian language has a limited number of letters and Henele is the phonetic translation of Henry into Hawaiian.

What is Amanda Hawaiian?

The name Amanda in Hawaiian is Amanaka.

What does Kalani mean in Hawaiian?

Etymology. ka (“the”) + lani (“heavens; sky; king, queen”) meaning “the heavens”, “sky”, “royal one”, or “chief”. Also short for many compound names beginning with Kalani-.

What does Alana mean in Hawaiian?

Alana is also a female given name in the Goidelic/ Hawaiian community meaning fair, beautiful, offering. Alana, Elana or Ilana can also be a female name in an English translation of Elan or Ilan which in Hebrew means “oak tree”.

What does kehaulani mean in Hawaiian?

The dew drop of HeavenA user from Hawaii, U.S. says the name Kehaulani is of Hawaiian origin and means “The dew drop of Heaven”.

What does LIA mean in Hebrew?

Lia or Lía is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Leah. Leah is a Hebrew name borne from the Bible as the elder sister of Rachel and the first wife of Jacob (Genesis 29:1-30). Her name means “languid, relaxed” in Hebrew. In the Bible, Jacob falls in love with Rachel, Leah’s younger (and more beautiful) sister.

Is Lia a good name?

Lia is an awesome nickname for any girl’s name containing ‘lia’. I much prefer Lia over Leah. … Lia is also a Greek name meaning “bearer of good news,” and a form of Leah in several Romance languages. It also means dependent in Hebrew, Italian and Dutch.

What is heavenly flower in Hawaiian?

Leilani, female name, means “heavenly flowers” in Hawaiian.

What does Mino mean in Hawaiian?

mino. ʻaka To cause to smile; to smile a little.

What does ehu mean in Hawaiian?

(eh who) Definition: brown (hair/complexion), also: misty, dusty, faint. Used In A Sentence: Ho, check out dat ehu wahine! Solid!

What does the name Lia stand for?

Lia is also a Greek name, meaning “bearer of good news”. It is also a form of ‘Leah’, ‘Lea’, ‘Lya’ or ‘Leia’ in some Romance languages. It can also be a surname.

What is Taylor in Hawaiian?

The name Taylor in Hawaiian is Kailolu.

What does Kanani mean in Hawaiian?

Etymology : Means “the beauty” in Hawaiian. Saint : Origin : Hawaiian.

What does the word Kalani mean?

The name Kalani means The Heavens and is of Hawaiian origin. Kalani is name that’s been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names–baby names that can be used for any gender.