Quick Answer: What Is Huroob In Saudi?

What does Huroob mean?

Huroob is an Arabic word which means Escape or Absconder or Run Away (Absent From Work).

As per Saudi Labor Law, Employer has to report to passport authorities, If his employee (Saudi Expatriate) is absent from work for a specific period of time to declare him as Huroob (Absconder or Escape or Run Away)..

Where can I find Kafeel in Saudi Arabia?

Visit MOL Portal ( Ministry Of Labor Saudi Arabia) To Check Kafeel Name And ID. Another way to find the kafeel name and id, is by visiting the mol portal (mol.gov.sa). Enter your iqama number and name. The portal will tell you about the sponsor’s name and ID.

When did the kafala system start?

1950’sThe Kafala (Sponsorship) System emerged in the 1950’s to regulate the relationship between employers and migrant workers in many countries in West Asia.

How can I check my Iqama status?

Click on “E-Services” from the menu tabs at the top of the MOI’s site home page to view the various online services offered by the Ministry. View the online Iqama status service. Select “Passport” from the left menu panel and choose “Query Iqama Expiry Service” from the sub-list. Check your Iqama validity.

How can check Huroob in Saudi Arabia?

You can check Huroob online status from the website of Ministry Of Labor, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . 2. Insert your Iqama Number ( Residence Permit Saudi Arabia ) in second box. If you find your company status like White, Green, Yellow or Red.

How can I deactivate Huroob in Saudi Arabia?

How to Remove or Cancel Huroob Status on IqamaRequest Kafeel / Sponsor. – Request your Kafeel or Sponsor to remove Huroob by Paying him some monetary compensation or negotiate with him.Approach Social Workers. – Take help of Social Workers or Embassy to solve this Issue in the labour Court. … Surrender Yourself. … Few Important Things related to Huroob:

How many years ban in Saudi Arabia?

two years(ii) If the employee does not return to the country before expiry of re-entry visa, he will be banned from entering the Kingdom for a period of two years. It is therefore very important to verify the re-entry date prior to departure.

What is Kafeel in Saudi Arabia?

The sponsor or “kafeel” of a foreigner simply passing thro the person he is visiting in the country, whose name appear (“tacheera ziarat”) issued by the Saudi Arabian consulate. A foreigner (natural person) or foreign corporate entity is not. business personally in his or its own name in Saudi Arabia.

What is Iqama English?

The residence permit of Saudi Arabia is known as Iqama. … Important information like Iqama Issue Date, Iqama Number, Sponsor Name and Iqama Profession is written on your Iqama Card. Everything is written on Iqama in Arabic.