Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Abrogated?

What does abrogate mean in law?

To formally annul or repeal a law through an act of the legislature, constitutional authority, or custom.

In constitutional law, the abrogation doctrine refers to the power of Congress to revoke a state’s sovereign immunity and authorize suits against that state..

How do you use abjure in a sentence?

Abjure in a Sentence 🔉After the tyrant took over the country, the citizens had to abjure their political beliefs. … In order to marry the peasant he loved, the prince made the decision to abjure his title. … Because John ignored his parents’ plea to abjure a life of crime, he ended up in prison by making bad choices.More items…

Which is a synonym of probity?

Some common synonyms of probity are honesty, honor, and integrity.

What is the meaning of antebellum South?

When historians describe the time before the Civil War, they call it “the antebellum period.” The southern United States at that time is often called “the antebellum South.” You might describe a plantation, an antique dress, or other artifacts of that historical period as antebellum. …

What is another word for cowardly?

SYNONYMS FOR cowardly 1 craven, poltroon, dastardly, pusillanimous, fainthearted, white-livered, lily-livered, chicken-hearted, fearful, afraid, scared.

What is a synonym for angle?

SYNONYMS. perspective, way of looking at something, point of view, viewpoint, standpoint, position, side, aspect, slant, direction, approach, outlook, light.

What does abrogation mean?

transitive verb. 1 formal : to abolish by authoritative action : annul abrogate a treaty. 2 formal : to treat as nonexistent : to fail to do what is required by (something, such as a responsibility) The company’s directors are accused of abrogating their responsibilities.

How do you use abrogate in a sentence?

Abrogate sentence examplesengagements were binding, and then proceeded to abrogate this particular engagement. … The ministry proposed to abrogate the electoral law of 1850, and restore universal suffrage; the Assembly by refusing made itself still more unpopular.More items…

Which word is most similar to abstemious?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR ABSTEMIOUSabstaining.abstemious.abstinent.austere.disciplined.puritanical.spartan.strict.

What is a synonym for antebellum?

Synonyms for ante-bellum pre-Civil War. prewar.

When can Congress abrogate state immunity?

Federal courts can exercise jurisdiction when the state attempts to deny a civil right to a citizen, in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. For this to happen, Congress must specifically intend for the statute to abrogate the state’s immunity. Quern v. Jordan, 440 U.S. 332 (1979).

What is another word for cozy?

SYNONYMS FOR cozy 1 snug, comfy, homey, sheltered.

What is the synonym of abrogate?

Synonyms forabolish.annul.invalidate.nullify.quash.renege.revoke.undo.

How do you use abnegation in a sentence?

Abnegation in a Sentence 🔉Her abnegation of ice cream and cookies is due to her Olympic team training. … Because everyone knew Jane loved serving the public, they were shocked by her abnegation of the congressional seat. … The school counselor hoped she could encourage her students to consider the abnegation of drug use.More items…

What is the opposite of antebellum?

Adjective. Postbellum. postbellum.

Do states have sovereign immunity?

In United States law, the federal government as well as state and tribal governments generally enjoy sovereign immunity, also known as governmental immunity, from lawsuits. Local governments in most jurisdictions enjoy immunity from some forms of suit, particularly in tort.

What’s another word for hubbub?

SYNONYMS FOR hubbub 2 disturbance, disorder, confusion.

What’s the definition of antebellum?

adjective. before or existing before a war, especially the American Civil War; prewar: the antebellum plantations of Georgia.

What does hullabaloo mean?

A hullabaloo is an uproar or a noisy commotion, especially the sound of a bunch of people shouting in protest about something. … Because hullabaloo sounds a little silly, it’s often used to be funny.

What does hubby mean?

The definition of hubby is an informal term for husband. An example of a hubby is the man to whom a woman is married. noun.