Quick Answer: What’S The Opposite Of Air?

What is the opposite of air element?

earthTraditionally, the classical elements contain their own opposites.

That is earth is the opposite of air and water is the opposite of fire.

But if you want to operate outside of that structure, cool..

What air is made of?

Air is mostly gas. The air in Earth’s atmosphere is made up of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. Air also has small amounts of lots of other gases, too, such as carbon dioxide, neon, and hydrogen.

How is air made on Earth?

Volcanic eruptions released gases, and the formation of atmosphere began. Earth’s atmosphere formed from the gases released by the constant volcanic activity. The gas mixture would have been much like the composition released during modern volcanic eruptions.

What does Gale mean?

noun. a very strong wind. Meteorology. a wind of 32–63 miles per hour (14–28 meters per second). a noisy outburst: a gale of laughter filled the room.

What’s another word for air?

How does the noun air contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of air are affectation, airs, mannerism, and pose. While all these words mean “an adopted way of speaking or behaving,” air may suggest natural acquirement through environment or way of life.

What are the 4 types of wind?

The Earth contains five major wind zones: polar easterlies, westerlies, horse latitudes, trade winds, and the doldrums. Polar easterlies are dry, cold prevailing winds that blow from the east. They emanate from the polar highs, areas of high pressure around the North and South Poles.

What do you call a very strong wind?

Noun. A very strong wind. gale. cyclone.

How do you describe air?

Here are some adjectives for air: horizontal misty, palpable brown, breath-real, deep breath-real, stale warm, nitrous and common, serious contemplative, fresh nitrous, grateful fresh, ever-present enchanting, dry pure, deep and sleepy, keen pure, pure frosty, open and fresh, properly thick and fragrant, properly thick …

What is air an example of?

Air is an example of gas gas solution as it is an homogeneous mixture of several gases.

What is the opposite word of air?

put into the atmosphere; freshen: block, hide, suppress, take in, close up, be quiet.

What is the opposite of wind?

The literal meaning of the verb unwind is exactly what it sounds like — the opposite of “wind,” or twist.

How do humans use air?

Air is pulled into the body by lungs and used to fill tiny air sacs that allow blood cells to pick up oxygen, which is then distributed across the body’s cells. Through the process of cellular respiration, this oxygen can then be used to break down sugars and create energy.

Is another word for air oxygen?

Oxygen Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for oxygen?breathpuffgasgust of airbreath of airwaft of airpuff of windblast of airwhiff of airair-current23 more rows

What is the opposite of Sir?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for OPPOSITE OF “SIR” [madam]

What is the scientific name for air?

There is no scientific name for air because air is not a substance while it is a mixture of different gases such as Oxygen(O2) nitrogen (N2), Argon (Argon) ,carbondioxide (CO2) and other gases. … Air is not—it is a mixture of gases, especially N2, O2, CO2, and H2O (vapor).