What Does Abhorrence Mean?

What does detestation mean?


intense hatred; abhorrence.

a person or thing that is detested..

What’s the meaning of duplicitous?

: marked by duplicity : deceptive in words or action duplicitous tactics.

Who are the Marlians?

‘Marlians’ are alleged to be fraudsters , yahoo boys, drug addicts and others who have negative means of getting rich, but have the influence to determine the outcome of most events. His fans are also known to attack anyone who vilifies Naira or even tries to call him to order whenever he posts something.

What does Malians mean?

n a native or inhabitant of Mali Type of: African. a native or inhabitant of Africa.

What does abhorrence mean in the Bible?

to regard with extreme repugnance or aversion; detest utterly; loathe; abominate.

How do you use abhorrence in a sentence?

Sentence Examples I could sense Howie’s abhorrence at visiting his past. He had a native abhorrence of cruelty, of injustice, of disorder, of oppression, of tyranny, and all these things in all their degrees marked Hastings’s course in India. His abhorrence of war amounted to a passion.

What can I say instead of I hate you?

The phrase I hate you is a phrase of the verb hate. Here’s a list of synonyms for hate….What is another word for I hate you?loathingabominationaversiondetestationdislikehatredabhorrenceanimosityantipathydisdain231 more rows

Who are called Marlians?

A Marlian refers to a staunch follower of controversial musician and singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly called Naira Marley. … So if you are a Marlian, it means you are a follower of Naira Marley and believe in his beliefs, philosophies, and views.

What is the full meaning of Marlians?

Gift from GodA user from Nigeria says the name Marlians is of Nigerian origin and means “Gift”. … A submission from Nigeria says the name Marlians means “Gift from God” and is of Nigerian origin.

What is stronger than hate word?

If you abhor something, it gives you a feeling of complete hatred. … Abhor is from Latin abhorrere — “to shrink back in horror.” It is the strongest way in English to express hatred, even stronger than loathe.

What is abhorrent behavior?

Aberrant comes from the Latin word aberrantem, which means to wander away, to go astray. To reiterate the difference, abhorrent behavior is repulsive, disgusting or horrifying, aberrant behavior is merely different, odd or strange. Examples.

What does inwardly mean?

in or on, or with reference to, the inside or inner part; internally. privately; secretly: Inwardly, he disliked his guest. within the self; mentally or spiritually: Look inwardly to discover the truth. in low or soft tones; not aloud. toward the inside, interior, or center.

What’s a Spectre?

noun. a ghost; phantom; apparition. a mental image of something unpleasant or menacingthe spectre of redundancy.

What does outwardly mean?

adverb. as regards appearance or outward manifestation: outwardly charming; outwardly considerate. on the outside or outer surface; externally: Outwardly, the fruit was rough to the touch. toward the outside: The pier stretched outwardly from the shore.

What does Within mean?

(Entry 1 of 4) 1 : in or into the interior : inside. 2 : in one’s inner thought, disposition, or character : inwardly search within for a creative impulse— Kingman Brewster †1988. within.