What Does Mischief Mean?

Do you solemnly swear that you are up to no good?

[George] took out his wand, touched the parchment lightly, and said, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”.

How do you use mischief in a sentence?

Mischief sentence examplesThe mischief, however, was not ended. … She tried to feign innocence but her eyes were probably full of mischief instead. … Her eyes glowed with both delight and mischief while Jule’s mate, Yully, appeared less certain.More items…

What word rhymes with mischief?

Mischief Rhymes41 Words Rhyme with Mischief.20 One-Syllable Rhymes. bluffbuffcufffluffgruffhuffluffmuffpuffroughruffscruffscuffsloughsluffsnuffsoughstufftoughtuff.19 Two-Syllable Rhymes. … 2 Three-Syllable Rhymes.

What does nowadays mean?

the present dayadverb. at the present day; in these times: Few people do their laundry by hand nowadays.

Is Snape Harrys father?

Is Snape Harry Potter’s real dad? Absolutely not. Harry Potter’s father is James Potter, simple as that. The physical resemblance between Harry and James comes up repeatedly throughout the books.

What does mischief maker mean?

: one that makes mischief : one who excites or instigates quarrels or enmity their reconciliation defeated the efforts of the mischief-makers.

What is the plural of mischief?

Noun. mischief (countable and uncountable, plural mischiefs) (uncountable) Conduct that playfully causes petty annoyance.

What is an example of mischief?

Mischief is playful and often harmless wrongdoing, pranks or bad behavior. An example of mischief is the mild bad behavior by someone who is up-to-no-good. Harm or evil caused by an agent or brought about by a particular cause. One who causes mischief.

What does mischief managed mean?

Mischief managed is like you are done with something and signifies the end of something. Suppose you have an arduous task to do and after completing it, you can say mischief managed. If somebody is pestering you with intrusive questions, you say “That is it, mischief managed.”

What is another word for mischief?

What is another word for mischief?naughtinessmischievousnessplayfulnessfriskinessrascalitytomfoolerydevilmentfrolicsomenessimpishnesslarkiness84 more rows

What is the opposite meaning of mischief?

▲ Opposite of playful misbehavior, especially on the part of children. earnestness. soberness. sobersidedness.

What does the word mischief means?

noun. conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance. a tendency or disposition to tease, vex, or annoy. a vexatious or annoying action. … a cause or source of harm, evil, or annoyance.

What is mischievous behavior?

1 : harmful, injurious mischievous gossip. 2a : able or tending to cause annoyance, trouble, or minor injury. b : irresponsibly playful mischievous behavior. Other Words from mischievous Synonyms Mischievous vs.

What is Harry Potter mischief?

Harry Potter Mischief (now Mischievous Wiki) is a wikia about FANON and canon events and characters in the magical world of Harry Potter. … All canon information, and the world of Harry Potter, belong to J.K. Rowling. Hope you enjoy reading our stories!

What is mischief law?

Mischief.—Whoever with intent to cause, or knowing that he is likely to cause, wrongful loss or damage to the public or to any person, causes the destruction of any property, or any such change in any property or in the situation thereof as destroys or diminishes its value or utility, or affects it injuriously, commits …