What Does Sizzling Mean?

What does sizzle mean in slang?

OxycontinSIZZLE means “Oxycontin (drugs)”..

What is meant by sizzling hot?

: a degree of heat (such as about 400 to 450° F) that is approximately that of iron just hot enough to hiss when touched with a moistened finger.

What does melancholy mean?

adjective. affected with, characterized by, or showing melancholy; mournful; depressed: a melancholy mood. causing melancholy or sadness; saddening: a melancholy occasion. soberly thoughtful; pensive.

What does the air was sizzling mean?

Hot enough to burn with or as if with a hissing sound.

What is mean by stunning?

adjective. causing, capable of causing, or liable to cause astonishment, bewilderment, or a loss of consciousness or strength: a stunning blow. of striking beauty or excellence: What a stunning dress you’re wearing!

What is backfill in writing?

Backfill (writing) Backfill is the process of providing background in the storyline flow, rather than in a prolog. Many devices are available: flashback, incluing, lecture (generally static and to be avoided), dream sequence, explanation to an ignorant character (beware of the “as you know Bob”).

What is another word for sizzling?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sizzling, like: baking, blistering, ardent, boiling, broiling, burning, fiery, heated, hot, red-hot and roasting.

What is a sizzling sentence?

She looked away fast for fear of the sizzling blue gaze and dropped to her knees in front of Darian, pulling his hands from his face to see the wound. 40. 37.

How do you spell sizzling sound?

verb (used without object), siz·zled, siz·zling. to make a hissing sound, as in frying or burning.

Whats the meaning of Sly?

cunning, crafty, wilysly, cunning, crafty, wily, tricky, foxy, artful, slick mean attaining or seeking to attain one’s ends by guileful or devious means. sly implies furtiveness, lack of candor, and skill in concealing one’s aims and methods.

How do you use squish in a sentence?

Squish sentence examplesShe felt something squish beneath her shoe and almost vomited. … Zip the bag shut and squish the eggs around to scramble them. … squish back into shape. … Clamp down on the micro link with the pliers to squish the feathers and the hair together.More items…

What are the seven steps to writing?

What are the Seven Steps?Step 1: Plan for Success.Step 2: Sizzling Starts.Step 3: Tightening Tension.Step 4: Dynamic Dialogue.Step 5: Show, Don’t Tell.Step 6: Ban the Boring.Step 7: Exciting Endings/Ending with Impact.